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The adversity caused by COVID-19 has Companies worldwide looking for protecting their Staff and Brand. It is indeed troubling time for all but it is also the time Companies have to rise to the need of the hour and provide the basics to protect their team members and clients. You need work force and visitors comfortable for long periods of time wearing a facemask and it has become imperative these face masks are protective and breathable.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Health focus today are the way ahead for each company. The quality of air we breathe contributes directly to our health. It’s time for your company to consider eco-friendly face masks that offer protection from microscopic particles and corona virus.

You can now order masks for all your staff, clients, vendors and the eco system around you while positively promoting your brand on the mask. Our Masks are efficient for protecting from viral and bacterial airborne particles and fit comfortably and are personalized the way you desire..

  1. Eco-friendly Reusable Masks with Company Logo
  2. Eco-friendly Reusable Masks with your City/Country Flag
  3. Comfortable & Reusable Masks with N95 protection with content you give us

We also have non branded cotton masks that are easy to breathe and yet highly protective and reusable at a fraction of the cost starting at Rs 50/mask. With orders of 500 or more we can customize the mask for you and enable delivery within the week.

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